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Mr - Hagoscon | Water Resources Consulting

Expert Water Consulting Services

hagoscon  Logo: A stylized representation of the company's name, with vibrant colors and modern design. Consulting in hydrology, borehole drilling, groundwater studies, safe drinking water solutions and water management.
Geneva, Switzerland
09:00 - 17:00
+41 22 700 30 05





Ever wondered how we predict floods in ungauged areas? My journey into the world of hydrology was sparked by a deep curiosity about the natural forces shaping our landscapes and lives. Understanding river flows is not just about scientific inquiry; it’s about protecting communities, preserving our environment, and planning our future with greater certainty.


In my latest study, we delved into the Muskingum-based methods for predicting river flows in South Africa’s Thukela catchment—an area with no prior flow data but significant flood risk. This research is not just about numbers and models; it’s about developing tools that can save lives and landscapes by predicting how floodwaters behave.


Every river tells a story, and by listening closely, we can help write safer, more resilient futures. Stay tuned as we explore these methods further and uncover the stories told by ungauged rivers.”

📘 Learn more about this vital field in my latest book!


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Published: May 3, 2024

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