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Irrigation Engineering

Irrigation is the application of water to the soil to complement naturally occurring precipitation and render an ambiance that is generally ideal for crop production. Efficiently Irrigated plants produce much more harvest than non-irrigated plants.

It is accustomed to facilitating the growth of plants, preservation of landscapes, and revegetation of disrupted soils in waterless regions and during periods of rainfall deficiency. Furthermore, it provides a number of other functions in agriculture, that include shielding plants against frost, reducing weed growth in grain fields, and preventing soil consolidation. On the other hand, farming that depends merely on direct rainfall termed rain-fed or simply dryland farming.

Irrigation engineering addresses the technical analysis and design of irrigation systems that include dams, weir, barrage, canals, and drains along with additional supporting systems. A sound understanding of hydraulics is significantly required to design the irrigation system.

There are certainly different kinds of Irrigation methods such as surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, sub-surface irrigation, and more other methods.

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