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Professional Group Creation!

Professional Group Creation!

We are looking for professionals who can collaborate with us and form a group. Forming a group will help us compete for project offers. The followings are the professions that we are looking for.

  1. Certified Structural Engineers (civil engineer with an experience of structural engineering),
  2. Certified  Sanitary and Sewerage experts (civil engineer with an experience of water supply and sewerage skills),
  3. Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning (HVAC) building experts,
  4. Communication Officers,
  5.  Accountants,
  6. Quantity Surveyor,
  7. Design and Drafting Service ( CAD, Civil 3D, and Revit), and
  8. Land surveyor.

The criteria we are looking for are professionals specifically who do have work permits in the Geneva area, Switzerland.
Please send us your CV and we can get in touch and discuss how we can form a group or collaborate.

With best regards!

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Professional Collaboration and Group Creation

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