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Presented by Mesfin Tewolde

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Mesfin H. Tewolde is a hydrologist and civil engineer based in Geneva, Switzerland. With over 15 years of experience, he specializes in flood routing, reservoir operation, and urban planning. Mesfin's expertise extends to dam and building construction, irrigation infrastructure design, and hydrological modeling using tools like SWAT, HEC-RAS, and HEC-HMS hydrological models. Proficient in GIS software and 3D building modeling, he offers consultancy services while actively contributing to research in water resources. Explore Mesfin's achievements at Additionally, explore his educational content on YouTube at : YouTube Icon

Mesfin also strives to help the Omo Valley people access clean potable water. By raising awareness, he aims to connect the world to this cause. To learn more about the Omo Valley Waters Initiative, visit the website at: Additionally, your donation of $5 can make a significant difference and help provide clean water to these communities.

Quiz 1 has 120 questions split into four tabs, each with 30 questions. Click on tabs to access different subjects.

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